Weekly Photography Challenge: Selfie

This weeks challenge – selfie! The very word makes me squirm inside. I have nieces and other youthful friends who post fresh selfies on Facebook weekly at least. Not I. I have played around a couple of times with self portraiture, using a mirror, in the quest for an amusing ( to me ), “author” photo. I do prefer to be behind the lens, visible sometimes as a reflection or shadow.

Or just via the things I like and which inspire me. I do appear in this shot – as a five year old flowergirl in the black and white photo in the top left hand corner…not that you can tell!

nov2010 035


Just for the record, here’s my “Author” selfie – would you buy a book by this woman?! I’ve played with it in paint.Net, making it a ‘drawing’, and then sepia, to produce something which I think would be fitting on a book jacket. Now I just have to write the book….

author sketch sepiaI used a mirror to take the photo, but so that I could see what I was aiming at, I held the camera lens toward myself, the screen visible in the mirror in front of me. One has to have a certain amount of control…It still took 7-8 shots to get what I wanted.



11 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: Selfie

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  6. Write a book! I hate the word and the act of selfies too, but you’ll be happy to know that new phones have a selfie cam on the screen side, so you can take selfies with ease.


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