Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 1

as2I got to work and photographed every page of “Sukie’s Life’s Journey”, and I’ve edited 50 of them in preparation for a regular post, sharing my way through the whole book, week by week. The image above is of the inside of the front cover, a piece of corrugated card. The ski lodge is there because I had a very vivid dream, 18 years ago now, in which I was invited to go on a journey – to Mount Hotham. There’s a quote from Arundhati Roy pasted in, and one of my old business cards.


There’s a mini page, one of my photos, with a quote written on the back, and a little pic of my favourite subject stuck on as well. Any bit of paper will do, and glue is your best friend. It’s also a place where you can make use of rubber stamps, and any and all of your art supplies. I don’t think I ever worked on just one page, and then it was done. It was more a matter of – I have 20 minutes, here’s a stamp/some pencils/a pile of horoscopes saved out of the paper/whatever, and then popping them in wherever they seemed to fit.


A photo of my youngest in dress ups – I used it for my 40th birthday invite (that’s, gulp, 18 years ago!), a drawing he made me of a turtle, pics of me and a piece of feminist art, torn from a booklet/brochure, I used a lot of images from it throughout the book , and repeated parts of the text as well.

Although pieces are added randomly, at least to start, a theme often develops, and then I will go along with that.

2 thoughts on “Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 1

    • Thanks – I hope I can keep it up – I think there enough pics for a year or so! Making this kind of book is a fun way to use up bits and pieces – at least for people like me who keep them in the first place. It’s a few years since this one, so I guess I’m due to do another soon…


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