Weekly Photography Challenge: Object

lace3¬†This weeks challenge is to photograph an “object”, any object, so that it is the hero of the shot – whether or not it appears front and centre. I probably have dozens of photos in my files that would fit this brief, but I happened to have a lovely object to hand, which I had just carefully washed to remove the nasty stains it had suffered during long years of storage. When I came across it, I thought it was a tablecloth that was not only stained, but in need of mending. However, once I got it home and unfolded it, I realised it is actually a bedspread, and in need of more mending than I thought… After repairs, and laundering, I hung it on the line in strong hot sunshine – and then fetched the camera. It was almost dry before I was done – not because I took so long, but because the temperature was around 40C ¬†– well over the century in Fahrenheit.

I’ve included two shots I took earlier, as I was doing the mending – in one, the object is clearly the star, in the other, a mere shadow…

I don’t know how many hours the maker spent on this piece, or who she may have been, but I am happy to have rescued her work and repaired it, so that it can shine again.