Friday Poem:Oberon

How is it Friday again already? Since we are in for another 3 days of 40ish temperatures, here’s a poem set in a cool, forested place by the sea…kalimna falls

I will weave for you
A diadem of lilies
And place it on your
Shining golden head.

I will cut for you a wand,
A branch of cedar
To complement your
Lovely emerald wings.

I will build for you
A perfumed woodland bower;
Strew flowers at your feet
And in your hands.

I will take your arm
And lead you to your kingdom,
Where crazy forests climb
Down to the sea.

I will raise a flag for you,
Declare your country
All this –
What will you do for me?

moth 1At the top, Kalimna Falls, in the Grampians National Park (no where near the sea…), and at the bottom, the wings of a tiny jade green moth – back lit, because it was on the kitchen window at night.