Artist Scrapbook

I had planned on one post on this scrappy scrapbook, but after editing 26 photos, which are only a sample of the pages, I’ve decided to make it a series instead.scrapbook 1

I decided that ‘scrap’ was the operative word when I made this – using scrap cardboard for covers, and mainly pre-used papers for pages. A collection of scraps make up the contents – newspaper clippings, old photos, receipts for precious things (CDs, mainly!) . Archival, it is not…. I aim to share two or three pages every Wednesday, until I run out…

scrapbook25Overall, the “Sukie’s Life’s  Journey” artist scrapbook is a non-linear, very scrappy chronicle of a period in my life of blossoming change and a happy discovery of great music, and freedom and joy. scrapbook26

On the cover, one of my late sister’s earrings, an old Christmas deco, and a cheap enamel butterfly brooch. The label of a scrap booking product conveniently redacted and altered, becomes part of the title… More next week.


Weekly Photography Challenge: Juxtaposed

morgen in bedThis weeks photography challenge is “Juxtaposition” –   “the act of placing things side by side, especially for the purpose of comparison or contrast”, which is a fun topic, open to interpretation. I guess that’s why it’s such a favourite and much used word in “artist’s statements”…sounds good, could mean anything…juxtaposed

Such as, a piece of lace, and an on-going textile project juxtaposed  over the glass panel of a door, and backlit by the setting sun.

cornflowersOr perhaps one Johny-Jump-Up in a tiny jug of cloud

Less cheery, this is a view of High Street Ararat (not her best angle, admittedly), with the juxtaposition of the fire cloud from a very large bushfire in the Grampians. I took it with my phone on my way to work 17/01/2014. Later that day, with wind changes, burnt leaves and bark, and ash, from the fire fell around our house, fortunately all cold. A lot of houses were burnt in the Wartook Valley, but Hall’s Gap, evacuated in the afternoon, was lucky, yet again, and was open for business by the following week end.