Weekly Photography Challenge: Family

Rather than come up with a picture of my family, I’m posting a series of photos I took recently of my family’s old truck. It has been in the family for roughly as long as I have, but as you can see, it’s been out of action for many years. Dad made me my own little seat between the other two when I was very small. I remember the heat of the engine, close to my feet. We made long trips in it, camping in the mountains when Dad was working near Mansfield. I wasn’t very old, and don’t remember it at all, unfortunately!

As you can see, it has seen better days. Last time I saw it, it was wedged amongst trees that had grown around it in its long idleness. It has now been pulled out into the open, but still wears plenty of evidence of those years in the trees, not to mention the growth of lichen, and the cobwebs, and the rust. Poor old Commer, it sure needs a lot of love…

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: Family

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