Daily Prompt: Colours

spectrumI love colours – all of them, from red to violet, and all the shades and tones in between, with the possible exception of puce. I have crystals, prismatic pretties, hung in every sunny window, for the pleasure of having rainbow shards scattered around the house. Often when this happens, I pick up a camera, as in any “Oh! look at that!” moment.top spectrumI ┬ámay have posted this poem before, but it fits, so here it is –


The faceted plastic crystal heart
Hung in the window by a thread
Captures the brilliance of the sun
Within itself
And splitting the light into its parts
Casts them indiscriminately around the room.

So may we, though hanging tenuously,
Enclose and scatter around us
Peace and love and empathy,
The spectrum of the light of God.