Daily Prompt: New You

The daily prompt for artists/poets/photographers is Metamorphosis – that’s a real “new you”! My first though was of butterflies and moths (pretty), but then I remembered this poem describing part of the life cycle of a cicada…


I want to wriggle free
To split and escape my rigid skin
But I’m stuck down here

I hear you singing in the upper air
And long to join you
But I’m stuck down here
Deep in the earth

It’s not my time yet
Burrowing within the clay
I chew on roots and long to see the sky

One day I’ll make the endless climb
Upward into the upper air
My old skin will split
And my truest self will then emerge
Into the brilliant light of day.

I have not been able to solve the problem of photos not uploading ( so far). One theory I’ve heard is that school kids on holiday are jamming the internet by being constantly on Facebook on their smart phones…maybe that’s it! So, no cicada picture. I’ve found three of the ecdysis of an Helena moth in my media library instead.