Daily Post: Bold

Today’s prompt asks for accounts of daring do, and for artists, poets and photographers to show BOLD, and, after a moments thought, and a few minutes searching, I have just the thing…bold rock


Ask Ian Bloom –
Does he remember when I rescued him
At Hanging Rock?
It’s over thirty years ago,
A Christian Endeavour picnic.
As I remember it,
He wandered off alone
And scrambled down a steep rock
To a ledge,
And couldn’t get back up
Or down.
Sometime later,
I happened by –
He’d been there long enough
to panic-
And I hauled him up
With my strong arm.
I hadn’t thought of it for years.
But I remember the sweet triumph
That I, a girl,
Had rescued him, a boy,
And I was bravest.

I felt like the boldest of heroes that afternoon, full of swagger and daring do. I don’t remember what the year was – certainly before the movie “Hanging Rock” – but we were at that stage of adolescence in which he was rather small, and I was big for my age. Only I stopped growing about then, so that I ended up on the short side. I’ve no idea what became of Ian…

ps That rock in the photo is not Hanging Rock, not even close. Its a big, bold rock in the sea off Warrnambool.

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