I Believe…

I wrote this years ago. I don’t think I’ve changed my mind…Christmas in Melbourne

“I believe that we are all immortal souls, embodied for a while in the process of learning the lessons important for the growth and maturity of the soul.

I believe that we need to learn to love, to be love: that we need to learn to accept and transcend the things that happens to us, good as well as bad.

I believe that we are all connected at soul level, although some souls may have an extra or special affinity for each other, to teach and learn from each other.

I believe that the force of love, called “God” amongst other things, underpins and permeates the entire universe, including us, and this realisation is what ‘enlightenment’ boils down to.Grampians sunset

I believe that love is the essence of all being. Being love is a state of total serenity. Nothing can touch you there, except empathy, by which you share in the feelings of another, which leads to compassion.”

Belief is strange. What one believes and what one knows can be two different things…and what we don’t know? It’s always open for speculation. What if? What if all that is true? (What is truth?) And what if it isn’t? Life goes on, irregardless of what we do or don’t ‘believe’, but it will always be better for all concerned to practice empathy, to exercise love, to inhabit peace… How beautiful are the feet of little babies!