Weekly Photography Challenge: Grand








This week’s Photography Challenge is “Grand”. For today, I have gone back to The Trip Of A Lifetime for images of both human-made and natural grandeur. The Australian Alps are much older (and smaller)- a grand old dame of a mountain range – than the massive splendour of Mt Hood and her strato volcanic sisters which are strung out along the Pacific Northwest of America. The oft maligned city of Aberdeen Washington, has many grand old buildings from her glory days, such as the lovely Driftwood Playhouse, and the timber baron’s mansion – now a B&B, I think. Plus the iconic Space Needle in Seattle, built for show, a futuristic exclamation point in that lovely rainy city. Not that it rained much while we were there – just look at the blue, blue skies in Aberdeen, famous as much for rain as being the birthplace of Nirvana.


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