Taking Stock…

Making : a shirred sun dress for Juniper
Cooking : Butter Turka Dhal
Drinking : Chai tea
Reading: The Earth Beneath Her Feet, by Salmon Rushdie
Wanting: In Utero Super Deluxe box set, and the Melvin’s Tres Cabrones, and Everybody Loves Sausages and…
Looking: for the programme for Aladdin, Castlemaine Theatre Company production, 1973
Playing: the Melvin’s, Stoner Witch, Thurston Moore, Trees Outside The Academy and the mix CD off the cover of Yen magazine
Deciding: what to bake for tomorrow’s ‘bring a plate’  (lemony loaves)
Wishing: Perth wasn’t so far from Moyston, Cairns ditto
Enjoying: my own company
Waiting: for things to load
Liking: being home alone
Wondering: why the cat has to sleep on my bed, and on whatever I’m sewing
Loving: turning the music up
Pondering: how to answer some of these prompts
Considering: making another cup of chai
Watching: as little television as possible
Hoping: Janina is doing OK
Marveling: at the amount of flowers in my neglected garden
Needing: a bigger studio
Smelling: Chili and roses
Wearing: Jeans and t-shirt with picture of Kurt Cobain breaking a guitar. It’s a Saturday…
Following: the progress of the Melvin’s Australian tour
Noticing: that I really hate forms, even fun ones
Knowing: that Christmas is too close
Thinking: what a great drummer Dale Crover is
Feeling: lazy
Admiring: the late Nelson Mandela
Buying: fabric to make more Bug’s Britches
Getting: organised (very slowly)
Bookmarking: books I haven’t finished yet (stacks)
Opening: a mini-pop-up store in the ‘spare’ room (eventually)
Giggling: as much as possible
Feeling: hopeful

Thanks, Pip Lincolne of meet me at mikes,

for sharing her list.