Friday Poem: Dedication

The poem I’m posting today isn’t a new one, but I’m dedicating it to Juniper, who is still quite new, at 3 months old next Monday. I haven’t seen her for about one and a half weeks, which seems like much longer, what with adjusting to the time zone, a garden full of weeds and the lead-up to Christmas…Juniper edit

Soft skin and supple muscle and hard bones
That move and play together and are one,
And tenderness that lies in creases of the skin,
And odour not of sanctity but of life,
And warmth of breath and flesh,
And subtlety of touch and sounds,
And juices of milk and blood that flow
And carry life without and in –
Praise, praise for these;
Our lovely spirit house
That gives itself, and builds
New dwellings from within;
Praise for brave souls
That dare to colonize our little world,
To bring us love, and teach us tenderness and pain.

In the photo, which I’ve edited in Paint.NET, she was just one month old. It’s such fun to do – I wish I’d discovered it earlier!