Friday Poem: Master Song

Bill's pageThere are some poets
Whom I would wish
To kneel and kiss
Their holy feet,
As a student at
My master’s feet.

There are some poets,
If I had the chance,
I’d want to kiss
Their sacred hands;
A reverence,
A thank-you kiss;
I would not kiss them
On their lips.

There are some poets-
Leonard Cohen is one-
Whose light is bright
In the Tower of Song,
Whose feet I’d kiss
As a chela would
The teacher they’d waited for
All along.

The photo for today’s post was supposed to be of a section of my poetry book shelf, but my computer wasn’t in the mood…and I don’t have time for dealing with it’s hissy fit, so Bill’s page in my Sukie’s Life’s Journey scrap book it will have to be…

I  now have sponges that must be filled,

and a play to go to before I sleep…