Weekly Photography Challenge: Unexpected

One more post for this weeks challenge…My garden looks like Sleeping Beauty’s castle grounds. I’ve been away for 11 weeks of spring, and although it’s been unusually cold here, everything has sprung up in the time-honoured manner. Usually I spend at least half an hour a day on keeping things in order, and, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting my husband to apply himself in the same way. He’s not ‘A Gardener’. But I wasn’t expecting the paths to be so overgrown as they are…

I’ve already filled the wheel barrow, and made some piles…lots more to go, but it’s a bit warm today. I’m (sensibly) not keen on wading through long grass when I can’t see what else is in there. Neighbours have had snaky visitors, we might too…

It’s not all weeds and reptile-havens, though. I gathered these flowers as well. spring bouquet


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: Unexpected

    • Thanks! I had to wade through weeds to pick them (very slight exaggeration…) That dark rose is blooming prolifically now, because we fenced out the wallaby – another rose outside the fence is a battered wreck. Need more fence!


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