Last Post From Perth

This is my last day in Perth – maybe ¬†ever. I’ll have no particular reason to visit once Zoe, Matt and Juniper have moved Over East.

So, this morning I took a last walk up Hobart Street, around by Hobert Deli to post some letters, past all the now-familiar gardens with their roses and bougainvillea, across Shakespeare Street with the thick-trunked old peppermints marching down the sides of the road, past the now completely desiccated Halloween pumpkin, still on it’s fencepost, all the way to the greengrocer’s shop, for a last punnet of luscious local strawberries.frangipane

In the just-under eleven weeks I’ve been here, I’ve used up a whole bottle of dish-wash, hung out, brought in, folded dozens of nappies/diapers (and changed a few…), enjoyed coffees in cafes ( but less than one a day…), eaten an (almost) vegan diet, and made two dresses and six pairs of overalls for Juniper. I’ve filled a hand-made book with images and mementos of my stay, taken lots of photos, haunted the op-shop/thrift store, made 51 blog posts and made a Sukie’s Original page on Facebook (please ‘like’!).Alas, poor pumpkin...

In short, I’ve had a good time, getting to know baby Juniper, watching her distinct personality begin to unfold.She sleeps, sometimes

Tomorrow morning (indecently early in my opinion), I have to get up and go to the airport, and get on a plane back to Melbourne, then catch the shuttle bus to Southern Cross Station, then a train to Ararat (I hope) where my husband will be waiting to pick me up. Back to ‘normal’, whatever that is…..Steeples