Friday Poem: At the Bodhi Tree

I’ve spent quite a lot of time in The Bodhi Tree Bookstore And Cafe, a few blocks from my daughter’s house. Its the perfect place to go and write, whatever I’m writing – to-do lists, drafts of blog posts, poems…There’s coffee for fuel, and shelves of books for inspiration. I’ve been here in Perth for over 10 weeks, and I haven’t been there every day for coffee (or a pot of chai)… I’ve eaten several Portuguese tarts (yum), bought a couple of the hundreds of books*, written so much and so often that one of the girls asked me about it.( I gave her one of my postcards, with my blog address on the back). I wish I could transport the whole place home with me next week…
Coffee at the Bodhi TreeHere in the coffee house
my cup of coffee
Crowned with a heart
Rich and warm
Surrounded by books
A clatter of crockery
And a babble of conversations
One at every table
Weaving and murmuring, bubbling
Each distinct yet all together
Some formal, some casual,
Some mute – such as that
Between my notebook
And myself.

There are, to date, no cafe’s handy to my home in a ‘rural village’, but my plan is to recreate a tiny corner of ‘Bodhi Tree-ness” somewhere at home, and settle there with a cup of something and a trusty notebook for around half an hour on most days. I have the books, I have the cups – just need a little table and the right spot!

*The books I’ve bought- and read –

┬áJames Geary’s I Is An Other – The Secret Life Of Metaphor And How It Shapes The Way We See The World

and John Medina’s Brain Rules For Baby – How To Raise A Smart And Happy Child From Zero To Five