Daily Prompt: Love

Love is so simple. Well, it can be sometimes…it can also be complex, terrifying and incredibly hard. Love doesn’t always go the way we want it to, whether that is romantic love, or that of a parent for a child. Letting go of expectations and accepting what is, is also simple – just open up your hand, your heart, let go of that butterfly, that beast, that fixed idea that is chaining you to your suffering and desires. All you have to do is cut the chain…that’s the hard part…It’s easy to love a little baby like Juniper, but babies aren’t always sunshine and smiles. They are also experts at sleep deprivation, don’t always do what the book says they should, cry for no reason that you can figure out…Love can be hard.bath

Life is suffering-
Empathy is painful
Love is hard
Peace is impossible.

Once you’ve understood
all that
Dearest Chela
The rest is easy.