Weekly Photography Challenge: Layers

I had a busy day today, attending the Perth National Day of Climate Action ¬†with a goodly crowd of other people, many of whom wore “heat wave’ colours as suggested by the organisers. The many rallies around the country were called to convey to our government the grave concerns many people have about the increasing effects of climate change (major bushfires in NSW in October, massive cyclone in the Pacific last week). I’m taking time to make a post for the Weekly Photography Challenge: Layers

Climate Action, Perth


See all those layers and layers of people? Families, Socialists, Get-Up members, Greens, old blokes, women-of-a-certain-age wearing Indian clothing and determined expressions all piled into the park to stand up and be counted as people who are aware of just how many planets we have to live on…

On my way to the gathering in the park, I stopped a moment to take a couple of photos of fine old buildings reflected in the windows of a funky new one – more layers.

In the interest of making a post every day this month, I’ll find some more ‘layers’ in a day or two.