Daily Prompt: Local +Friday Poem: High Noon

Here’s a ¬†poem, quite local to where I am now, which also, happily, fits the daily prompt – local. On the day of the walk here described, the temperature was a testing 35C (95F), but I went anyway, and enjoyed the locality…Laneway in bloom

High noon on Hobart Street
Someone is practising drums
The sky is blue stained purple
by jacaranda trees

The wind a warm breath
Cooler under the peppermints
on Shakespeare Street
A cicada chirps in a garden hedge
As through scalding sunlight
I flit from tree to tree

At last the little park
Full of palms and grass
And the broad cool shade of figs.

The photo with this post was taken of a lane off Shakespeare Street, not on Hobart Street, but the sky in it is blue stained purple by jacaranda trees, just as I said.