Weekly Photography Challenge: Habit

tea and books

The prompt for this weeks photography challenge is ‘habit’, and who among us doesn’t have a few of those? Lots of good ones, we hope… Here’s a pic that shows several of mine. Tea (in this case Gen Mai Cha Bancha, a Japanese green tea with roasted rice), drunk from one of my little tea bowls, a shelf full of books (are you turning your head on one side so you can read the titles? that’s what I’d do…I’m frustrated by photos of beautiful rooms in magazines if I can’t make out what the owners have on their shelves… ), textiles – check out the colours in that piece of fabric! (Colour is another habit). And there’s one of my hand-made artist books, titled Sukie’s Journey, which I’ve been going to write a post about for months. So, there’s another habit – procrastination…


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: Habit

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