Weekly Photography Challenge: Eerie 2

A different kind of eeriness today. I had a nice, nostalgic time looking through the many photos from ‘The Trip of a Lifetime’ for the ones I wanted. I didn’t find foggy Aberdeen, but I did find the shot from the rainy bus trip to the coast, and Mt St Helens sleeping fitfully under a sheet of cloud; a calm and beauteous evening in Olympia, the snow-capped peaks hovering on the skyline; an image of a Native American in a quiet forest clearing, watching; – ¬†and last but not least, the Horned Owl perched on a hotel roof in Port Angeles. My (twitcher) husband was so excited, but I had my doubts, although I saw it move…The next morning, it was still there, and a better look through higher zoom revealed the dreadful truth. It was plastic. The sea gulls weren’t taken in by it, but it still looked eerie on its eyrie, with it’s weird yellow eyes!