Friday Poem: Metaphor

I’m reading an interesting book –“I Is An Other – The secret life of metaphor and how it shapes the way we see the world”, by James Geary. Then, last night (Halloween!) I had this weird and creepy dream…When I woke up, I thought

I dream in metaphor
The headless man
Massively muscular, slicked in sweat,
His thick neck a healed stump…

I dream in metaphor
I’m in his place
But how can I tell him?
He has no head, he has no ears…
He sits and I need to get out from under…

I dream in metaphor
Swamped by the headless man
I work myself free…
MY husband stands watching
I’m trapped, but he’s jealous…
I say “You must be joking!
He’s a rugby league player!”
And I slide to the floor.

I dream in metaphor
And now I’m awake…

What the hell did that MEAN?! tea cup



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