Daily Prompt: Home



Home is where the art is…something like that. I’ve been far, far away in Perth for nearly 6 weeks now, helping out and enjoying my grand daughter (who has also been here for around 6 weeks). Honestly, I haven’t missed much. Facebook and the telephone maintain contact with my people, and I brought a lot of photos, music and art with me on a portable hard drive. I also brought some notebooks, including some of my poetry, but I forgot to pack a quote book, and I have missed having that to draw on.My space

I’ve been sleeping in my daughter’s craft room, on a mattress on the floor – a mattress that is, in the words of The Shins James Mercer in “New Slang”,  “old and bony”. I like to Be Here Now as it saves a lot of misery, so I can’t  say I’ve actively missed my own bed, but I will be delighted to sleep in it again in a month or two…


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