Kountering Dominator Culture

mastery 2Reading Brene Brown’s “Daring Greatly” this morning, this paragraph jumped off the page – (and into my blog) –

” If we are the kind of people who “don’t do vulnerability”, there is nothing that makes us feel more threatened and more incited to attack and shame people than to see someone daring greatly. Someone else’s daring provides an uncomfortable mirror that reflects back our own fears about showing up, creating, and letting ourselves be seen. That’s why we come out swinging. When we see cruelty, vulnerability is likely to be the driver.”

It is a given that Dominators “don’t do vulnerability” – they are afraid of it in themselves, and despise it in others. What is more maddening for such a person than someone who dares to stand out, step up, be seen, seek an education, board a rickety boat for a chance at freedom…? It is only natural to react with cruelty in such circumstances. Malala Yousafzai is shot because she goes to school, girls are murdered by their fathers and brothers because they dare to defy cultural traditions of marriage, desperate refugees are denied asylum in Australia…all because their acts of daring in the face of their own vulnerability makes those who wish to believe themselves to be invulnerable feel terribly uncomfortable.

Malala was interviewed on American TV, describing her non-violent take on dealing with the dominator approach of the Taliban…be inspired!