Friday Poem: Construct

I decide to post this poem after sitting with Juniper, my 4 week old grand daughter, watching her little throat move as air  moved in and out of her lungs, and marvelled at the fact that this small person in my arms was, only about ten months ago, nothing but a formless bundle of cells…

Listen, everybody!
The human body is
an amazing object
Built from scratch
In the dark
By blind builders.
It knows how to extend itself
Automatically for years and years
But without adding
any extra features.

It is perfect at the start
Perfect at the finish
and in between
Always perfect.

The interior is peerless
The exterior is peerless
Each one is unique
Yet all are the same
Which is more perfect?
Elle or Quentin?*
Each body is designed
perfectly to suit it’s  owner.

O architects and builders
None of you has
designed or built
Anything so wonderful,
Not so much as
a little finger.


*Elle Macpherson, ‘supermodel’, known as “The Body”
Quentin Kehihan, film maker who  was born with Osteogenisis Imperfecta