Friday Poem: Sensed


It’s now eighteen years (!) since I first saw Nirvana Unplugged on TV, and had My Life Changed Forever, so here’s a poem inspired by the concert.reflect

Feel – mohair, steel strings
the weight of beads
Smell – milky tea, cigarettes, hot wax
Hear – voices, whispers, hands touching
See – lights, darkness, closed lids
Taste – oh yes
the cello, the lilies: perfect taste.

There is the still point
under the lids
beneath the finger tips
Here is the secret undisclosed
sweet spirit
in these ordinary things.

While the poem describes aspects of the Unplugged in New York concert, it also refers, if obliquely, to Buddhist ideas of Nirvana. I wrote it before the unedited concert footage came out on DVD – I wonder if I would have made a quite different poem if I’d seen that first?art work

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