Weekly Photography Challenge: Inside

Here’s the tea tray, with tea inside the pot, which I enjoyed while I waited for my daughter and her baby to be allowed to go home from the hospital – a lengthy process, as it happened!Tea tray  Here’s Juniper, snuggly wrapped up inside her blanket.

Juniper asleep in her cocoon

I’ve been re-acquainting myself with the art of smocking, and I put grub/bullion roses inside the centre heart.

Grub roses inside a heart

Maisie lives inside, with her two cat sisters, and now, Juniper.


I found this healthy little milk thistle growing inside the gap between the window pane  and screen.

Uninvited plant Here’s the bed I slept in(side) back in Aberdeen over two years ago. For some reason, which I haven’t figured out yet, I took photos of every bed on our ‘Trip of a Lifetime’.Inside the Olympic motel, Aberdeen Wahttp://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/09/13/photo-challenge-inside/

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: Inside

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