Friday Poem: Charter

This poem is a list of what I do (and don’t) want in interpersonal relationships, but on Election eve in Australia, it also stands as a list of what I would wish to see in society as a whole. You may say I’m a dreamer… I hope I’m not the only one…

I want an equal relationship;
I want respect
both as an individual person
and as an expression of the divine;
I want unconditional love
inner peace
and empathy that leads to compassion;
I want the right to love what I love
and give what I can;
I want the right to give and receive affection
freely and with no strings attached;
I want to be free to follow my conscience
without constraints of conventional behaviour;
I don’t want to play games of gender roles
or emotional hide and seek;
I want to offer and receive comfort
without fear of rejection or attack;
I want to take life as it comes
knowing that whatever happens
happens with good reason
even if I can’t see it now;
I want to learn my lessons
and fulfill my tasks
and not come back
unless I want to;
I want to break free.
plum blossom