Daily Prompt: Blogger with a Cause

If my daily responsibilities were taken care of , I’d make a lot more art and devote more time to my blog. I’d still be posting photos and poems and an occasional recipe, but I’d be able to write more, and in more depth, on my favourite topics of Peace and Love and Empathy. I can’t see that ever changing.

I may have posted this poem before, but it bears repeating, I think!


Don’t take each day
As the first day
Of the rest of your life,
Treat it like the last.
Make the most of it,
Get the best of it.

Do something worthwhile,
Something that matters to you,
Make a difference to someone,
A difference for the better.

Push your barrowload
Of peace love empathy
And spread it in the path
Of strangers
As if it was your last chance.
Perhaps it is.


It’s hard to push a barrowload
Of peace love empathy
In a world that stinks
Of discord hatred selfishness;
Where peace is bad economics,
Love is a febrile weakness
And empathy is dangerous to one’s health:
but someone has to do it.peace love empathy - hand made book page


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Blogger with a Cause

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