Daily Prompt: Identity

Identity can be very changeable. I know I’ve written some other ‘self descriptive’ poems that would paint a different picture to this non-too serious assessment of my personality according to the (somewhat doubtful) science of Astrology. Like many pieces that are dashed off quickly, it may be rather more revealing than intended!

About Myself
(according to the stars!)

At the moment I was born
Mars was, it seems, in Capricorn,,
And this explains, at least to some,
My sense that “Duty must be done.”
They say my soulmate’s a conservative prat
But I’d rather love an emotional slob (like me).
My ‘Moon in Sagittarius’
Means something more inspiring –
An interest in the mysterious,
The inner journey and the spring
Of passionate pursuit of Truth
And Life and Death and Everything.
‘Venus in Aries’, apparently,
Makes sex a carefree romp for me,
Boyish, no-nonsense (Oh I wish!)
So don’t be  wimp, Sweets,
Jest gimme a kiss!
On the other hand, my ‘Pisces Sun’,
Watery, mutable, feminine
Colours the rest with moody dreams
And since I arrived with days first beams
(I think) Pisces is my ascendant sign, too,
So I’m soulful and fishy with an extra serve.
Kindness, compassion, empathy,
Peace and Love and Poetry,
Transcendent,  despondent in equal measure,
Living with me is a special pleasure!Mt Hood daffodil




4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Identity

  1. Fantastic! It’s no mean feat to write a poem all about yourself and have it come out NOT full of self, if you know what I mean. You have a great light-hearted touch and sense of humor that save the day.


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