Friday Poem: Lucie I & II

Little Lucie is definitely “grown and big” (29 tomorrow), and to mark that occasion, here are the two “Lucie” poems, written most of those 29 years ago…


Little mouse,
Little sparrow,
My ewe lamb,
My Lucie.

At sixteen she may be
A little bat
A vixen,
And a cow;
But she’ll still be
My Lucie.


Will I remember you
When you are grown and big?
Your little arms around my neck,
Your baby walk,
Your baby smile:
Will I remember these?

Your tiny self,
Your skinny legs,
Your baby boldness,
Baby tears:
Will I remember these
When you are grown and big?

baby 3Sometime in the next 17 days, I will graduate from ‘Mum’ to ‘Granny’ (or Metamum, as my youngest thinks I should be known…), when my second daughter gives birth to her first child. Strange how tiny babies seem, once you finally get them out of there…