Weekly photography Challenge: Carefree




What could be more carefree than a small child running free down a country lane? The adults trying to keep up and wondering how far she’ll get before she stops are a little less relaxed…My shoes

“On holiday” should be a carefree time, and coming across a free outdoor concert near the Seattle Center is as care free as one can hope to be. So carefree, I took a picture of my carefree feet in their carefree comfy Chucks (which now reside on top of a bookcase, shoes emeritus).Carefree music, Seattle

Two years later, I can’t tell you who the band were offhand, but I know they were carefree, and we enjoyed hearing them. Of major excitement for me, photographer Charles Petersen was there, photographing the bands and hanging out with family. I got to bring home a piece of his work, from EMP. One of the things I’d ‘save in a fire’.Olympia fountain

A week or two later, we were in Olympia, strolling, in a carefree way, around the lake, when we spotted these people enjoying a fountain in the warm summer dusk. The water jets seemed to spurt suddenly and unpredictably – huge fun for little (and not-so-little kids).


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