Friday Poem: Prayer In A Time Of Conformity

This poem was ‘Internationally published’ before I ever had a blog (possibly before they were invented…) It appeared in the Uniting Church ‘s Crosslight magazine, where a New Zealand visitor saw it, and asked permission to print it in an N.Z. newsletter…seats in a row

God, save us from the straighteners;
Storm troopers of conformity;
Forcers of uniformity,
Who want us all to be like them,
The knights of mediocrity.
Blandness, dullness, sterility,
One-eyed, monocultural, monotony,
Is their ideal society.
Dear God of life in all its forms,
Save us from the withered hearts,
Life-deniers without compassion.
May we be people of many parts,
An unpolluted, parti-coloured, poly-nation.
Teach us to fight our Enemy
With peace and love and empathy.

I still think “poly-nation” is an excellent word, and concept. And it ┬áis still not illegal to seek asylum!