Weekly Photography Challenge: Masterpiece

web master 1

I had few ideas about man-made masterpieces, but in the end, I went with the natural world. This species of spider builds a large and impressive web overnight ( often across pathways – or so it seems). She often demolishes it in the morning, and replaces it the next night. Especially if someone has tried to walk through it.web master 2 +

These three photos were taken some years ago with an SLR film camera, now sadly defunct. I have seen much more impressive shots of ‘dew drops on spider webs’, but the web itself is a masterpiece!web master3 +

Anyone who has photographed spider webs – so exquisitely made – knows how frustrating it can be. The depth of field is infinitesimally shallow, for one thing, and the faintest movement of air (or photographer) will put the shot out of focus. But there’s always the lure of making that perfect image… A tip I was given was to lightly spray a spider’s masterpiece with water, in order to bead it with ‘dew’. I’ve never done it.