Daily Prompt: Now

I’ve already made a post today, but the topic grabbed me, because I had dream a few days ago, in which I was writing a poem, of which I have only remembered the last five lines. I wrote them down before I could forget them  –

And I sought him out
and I asked him
“What are you?”
And he answered
“I  Am Now”.



Mysterious! I wish I knew who he was, I mean is, he seems rather deep and enlightening…


This Morning.

Cootamundra wattleIt was a cold, clear morning, but not frosty. Blue, blue sky and cootamundras coming into bloom, bright in the morning sunshine. The buds of the flowering peach are fattening and showing pink at the tips. As the last month of winter approaches, spring is beginning to appear. We’ve had a lot of rain – every thing is soggy and green, farmers have high hopes for their crops. The ‘Autumn Break’ held off until nearly June, but once it came, the bulbs leapt into life, pushing up leaves and buds in record time. Somehow, the jonquils have managed to flower at the usual time- except, strangely, for the Earlicheer, which hasn’t flowered at all. Hellebore

Yesterday we had fog until midday, chilly and bleak. I like this sunshiny version of winter much better. I can’t imagine what it is like living through winter in the far north of the planet, in darkness night and day except for a meagre couple of hours, when the red ball of the sun creeps over the horizon, only to creep back again so soon – if it is ever visible through the clouds.jonquils