Daily Prompt: Retrospective


Retrospective knitted ‘panties’, for my coming grandchild (2013) – something to confuse a future curator. The pattern belonged to my grandma – it was published in 1937, when my mother was a baby. The yarn came form an op shop/thrift store last year, but was originally purchased (and put away for later) in 1948 – the receipt was still in the brown paper parcel, along with the skeins of 2 ply Scotch Fingering. I emailed a photo of the finished ‘panties’ to my mother recently. She immediately recognized them as the same pattern knitted by her mother for two of her little brothers. She doesn’t remember wearing them herself (unsurprisingly). My daughter thinks they are too pretty to put on a baby butt…

1937 'panties' Detail Pattern, yarn and finished product.

Since they were knitted in fine yarn on fine needles, they took an inordinately long time to knit, besides which the picture is missing from the pattern book, and I wasn’t sure what they were going to look like, or how they went together. The stitch pattern on them is very simple to do, but extremely effective.