Weekly Photography Challenge: Nostalgic I

More nostalgia – first, for “The Trip of a Lifetime” ( which we hope to repeat). Photos here are from Seattle, Portland, Aberdeen and parts between. And one I didn’t take, but, (sigh), I miss the (early) 90’s…

Dad's old truck


This is my Dad’s old truck. When it wasn’t ‘old’ it was a part of my childhood. One of my earliest memories is of travelling in the middle seat (made by Dad just for me) between my parents, the hot engine warming my feet.Sweet woodbine

Near home, in the middle of ‘bush’ there was the remains of an old house and it’s garden. My favourite thing there was a sweet woodbine – I would go there in spring just to smell it and bring home a few twigs. Now I have a plant in my own garden.saucy

Another fond childhood memory, filled with nostalgia, is of a day when my Mum baked bread, and my Grandma-next-door made tomato sauce. We ate fresh sauce spread on fresh bread…mmmmmm. Today I made some tomato sauce, and although the bread was bought from a bakery, the combination is still delicious, and a trip down memory lane for the taste buds.

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