Daily Prompt: The Natural World

When I arrived home from my walk today, there was a Scrub Wren in my studio, and I was pleasantly surprised that the cat didn’t seem to have noticed. I quickly shut the cat in another room, and let the bird go back outside. Some time later, I found a pile of tiny, downy feathers in the study – evidence that the cat actually had noticed, and that the bird had had a narrow escape…Scrub Wren feathers

Waste not, want not- I gathered up all the feathers, photographed them, and then laminated the whole pile. I don’t know how the wren – only about the size of a sparrow – lost so many feathers without being quite bald! I’m not pleased with the cat, but it is her nature to catch things that move, and, although we limit her opportunities for exercising her hunting instincts, an unwary bird (or rodent) sometimes wanders into her domain.