Aberdonian Music

Empty lot, Aberdeen

I was baking the first time I listened to ‘Bleach’. I’d just got it on cassette – it must have been early ’96; (I was well behind the times).
I kept turning it over and pressing ‘play’ again, all afternoon, as I worked up a big pile of chocolate chip cookies to feed the hoard of children.
I just loved that old time Aberdonian music…
I told Simon about it a week or two later (enthusiastically), and he confessed that he’d heard it for the first time at a friend’s place not long before and concluded that it was “too metal for Mum”. So there you go .

I was a late blooming metal head.

Can’t you just see that as a banner headline on some trashy tabloid paper?

The Melvins ‘Gluey Porch Treatments’ came out in  1987, and is frequently mentioned in ‘the literature’  as a great album. I’ve been looking out for it for years. I finally ordered and received the reissued version (with extra tracks making it 60 minutes) only recently…
Ah – where have you been all my life…Righteous Heavyness indeed. Oh, that was Nirvana, I think.
Listening to the Melvins circa 1985, I hear why early Nirvana were dismissed by some as ‘Melvins Lite’ – nothing they released – but ‘Anorexicist’ and ‘White Lace And Strange’ on the Box Set certainly referenced the older band in that most flattering way.
By the time they recorded Bleach, they had grown much more into their own sound. The ‘Bleach’ I listened to today (while doing some baking) is the reissue – remastered and with the  bonus of a live recording from Portland, Oregon.(76 minutes of joy). So I’ve bought ‘Bleach’ three times, cassette, CD, reissue CD.East 1st St Aberdeen
The first band influenced the second, who went on to eclipse them in world-wide popularity, only to be extinguished after only three albums by Kurt Cobain’s suicide.
The Melvins have continued to make great music for  30-odd years, too many albums to mention, plenty of side projects, and managed to remain respectably obscure all that time.



4 thoughts on “Aberdonian Music

  1. haha I remember buying unplugged twice on cd, ripping to cassette five times, playing it out and replacing it. Bleach was just a one cassette purchase. Nevermind was a three purchase attempt, and Incesticide was a two time purchase. Never once bought in utero, thought it sucked after borrowing from a friend. Maybe it was simply me who didn’t get the art on that album. Its weird how those things stick in our memories. Great post. Cool little take while baking!!!


    • ‘Bleach’ has actually been my go-to music for washing the floor and general house cleaning for years – it’s janitorial music, you see – to the extent that ,if ‘Bleach’ is playing, my kids assume I’m in cleaning mode…So baking was a bit of a change for me.
      p.s. Lots of people now say that ‘In Utero’ is Nirvana’s best album. I think Wal-mart stocked it with a different cover, though!


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