Weekly Photography Challenge: Pattern II

cafe chairs 2These are the photos I meant to post for ‘pattern“. Only I’d left the camera at the gallery…cafe chairs 1

There’s the embossed pattern on the seats of these chairs, plus the random repetition of the curves.Autumn in the city

Here’s a fractal pattern of leaves. I shot it without the benefit  of a tripod. Can you tell?
I actually like the softness of it, like an autumn haze.

crochet tree

Several days this week have been devoted to installing a ‘yarnbomb’ outside the Ararat regional Art Gallery.
That’s how I came to leave my camera behind…yarnbombed tree

The Gallery is celebrating it’s 45th anniversary this year, and as it is best known for it’s fibre and textile art focus, it seems the perfect time to embellish the surroundings with many colours and patterns in yarn.flower pole

All those flowers follow one basic pattern, yet they are all different. Just like us!