Daily Prompt: The Satisfaction Of A List

I guess I’m late with this, but it appealed to me, and reminded me that a list is a good way to make a poem.
I’ve been meaning to post some more poetry, so here are some poems based on listsshell and coral

Inside The Shell

Messy tangled complicated mysterious
Strange unfathomable weird unpleasant
Dark ambivalent secret solitary
Peaceful tired loving empathetic
Guided lost confused sufficient
“I am sufficient as I am”

Expanding imploding dreaming wide awake
Enlightened Buddha nature sage
Poet artist writer friend
Sharp forgiving gentle clear-sighted
Humorous  ironic surreal
Sad dispirited ebullient free
“I am sufficient as I am”.red

Pleasure Song

You can get endorphin with a kiss
Or an embrace;
By going ape bananas spacko
With some wild and joyous music;
By eating red hot chillies,
Or, for some people, chocolate;
By lying in the grass
And watching leaves and nothing else;
By running for the sake of running;
By singing yourself hoarse where no one can hear;
By anything that pleases you
You’ll get a little surge of chemical,
And that is bliss.
But which came first?
The pleasure or the surge?sparaxis

Garden Song

There are buds on the lilies
I planted for you;
Red poppies abundant;
White roses in bloom;
Some love-in-a-mist
Are as blue as your eyes,
Some others are white
As the face of the moon;
Pansies for thoughts
Are vying for space
With lamb’s ears and yarrow,
Sweet Alice and pinks;
The lemon balm’s rampant –
It’s almost a weed;
There are great clumps of honesty,
All going to seed;
And the garden is lovely –
O my aching back!afternoon


The afternoon is quiet,
With the near buzz of  a blowfly,
The distant buzz of a motorbike,
The unpleasant calling of ravens,
The house creaking and settling
With the coming and going of sunshine;
Somewhere outside a wren is scolding,
Somewhere inside a mouse creeps about its business;
The clocks mutter away the passing minutes;
Suddenly a shrike thrush begins to call.
Isn’t it time somebody made some noise?dusk

Night Watch

I sat silent
And watched the darkness gather
And the moths came
And then the mosquitoes
And the sky darkened
And I heard an owl
Bird of wisdom and death
And the sky darkened
And bats came hunting
And distant dogs barked
And a multitude of frogs
Called in the dusk
And the sky darkened
And the rain came
And the wind roared
in the trees
And I sat silent
And listened to the night come.

I think I have listed five poems that are lists… more fun, I think than shopping lists, or laundry lists, although arguably not as useful.
And two of the poems are about listening, so there you go!
Ultimate satisfaction.


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