Dominator – Co-operator

crystal heartDominator – Co-operator

Masculine – Feminine

Extrovert – Introvert

Rigid – Soft

Confining – Expansive

Straightener – Crooked, curvaceous, louche


How does Co-operator Culture successfully Kounter Dominator Culture? Game theory suggests that in the long run, Co-operator culture will succeed over Dominator. Yet when Co-operator is the dominant ethos,  any Dominator culture that arises will quickly succeed and overcome Co-operators, because  Co-operators are too ‘nice’ to oppose Dominators. Or perhaps they do not understand the behaviour sufficiently well to deal with it.

However, direct opposition, tit-for-tat, is not good strategy either, as it can continue for centuries on end (witness Albanian culture).basket building

Some kind of smothering effect would seem to be better and more effective, annihilating the culture and the action, but not the individual perpetrator. Enclose with a wall, a soft, impenetrable wall, a pink fog motivated by loving kindness and not revenge. Calming, accepting, and yet not appeasing.

Opposition, stamping out, attack – none of these work, although the failure of these approaches only leads to more of the same.”If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Time, surely, for something new.dancers

Our preference as a culture for ‘leaders’ who proclaim their own fitness for leadership by being loud, forceful, certain, is a recipe for disaster, as these sure and certain people can be sure and certain about things that are obviously and demonstrably wrong. Yet their forthrightness encourages their faithful followers to follow them right over a cliff, if that’s where their certainty leads them.graff

A person who has examined the facts (that’s a cliff there!) and drawn conclusions (falling, or jumping, off will lead to injury or death) may well sound a note of caution and warning. But who wants to listen to a dull egg-head when the bright and glorious leader is trumpeting his absolute certainty that he is right and you better believe it.queen of heaven

Introspection, forethought, consideration, facts – these things are not of value. Stand up, stand firm, shout – so long as you sound as though you know what you are doing, folks will follow you anywhere you lead them.

This is not to say that everyone who is certain is always wrong – only that it pays to pay attention to the message as well as the messenger.A third to a half of the population are introverts, even in ultra-extrovert America, where the leaders of the future are trained in brassy extrovert certainty as the quality of leadership.  Constantly networking and being ebulliently assertive are taught as desirable qualities of leadership, despite all evidence to the contrary.

This is, to put it mildly, a dangerous quality in the world’s ‘greatest’ power. Where are all the introverts? Either in hiding, or pretending to be extroverts, both as acts of self-preservation in a forcefully extrovert society.a mandala

Some of the ideas in this post came from my reading of

Introvert Power – Laurie Helgoe

and Quiet: The Power of Introverts – By Susan Cain

and Martin Nowak’s   “Super Cooperators – Evolution, altruism and human behaviour”

Photos 3 to 6 in this post were taken on my phone – it’s still phoneography month, after all.

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