Weekly Phoneography Challenge: Lunchtime

Apparently it’s a very adolescent thing to do., photographing your lunch.

That’s what my kids said when I showed them photos of  some of my meals in America…hot dog emp

I may never eat a hot dog at the Experience Music Project in Seattle again. Of course I took a photo!

brownie empAnd of the brownie that came next.Lunch time

Lunch time in the Seattle Center on another day – soup and sandwiches. The soup was broccoli and cheese – a method of turning a healthy vegetable into a potential heart attack – delicious. We are Australians. We didn’t eat those pickle spears.Oregon blackberries.

Lunch one day in Portland, at one of the Farmer’s markets. A punnet of blackberries…Divine Pie

and an aptly named Divine Pie, sufficient reason in itself to want to return to Portland asap!Mason Jar lunch

Next stop, Olympia. We found the Mason Jar, a quirky Diner entirely staffed by nanas, across the carpark from Safeway, and had a delicious , home-style lunch.Indian at the Farmer's market

Another day in Olympia, we went to the Farmer’s market, where the local Indian Restaurant does lunches. Heaven.

I want to live in Olympia, just to go to the Farmer’s market every day.Susie's cakes

Not exactly lunch, but Susie’s Cakes had the best pecan baklava! We went there on the way back to Aberdeen from Hoquaim, and I’m not sure which town we were in – they kind of overlap.

pizza in Ocean ShoresThe day we went to the coast – Ocean Shores – it rained in proper PNW fashion, and we took refuge in a pizza joint, more or less until the bus was due to take us back to Aberdeen. We were ravenous, and ordered far too much food. Junkyard fries

None of the other photos were phoneographs – I didn’t have a camera phone. But when my son took me to Misty’s Diner in South Melbourne for an American-style lunch, I had to get the phone out and take pictures!

That’s Junkyard fries, above. Yum.Chili

My chili. I’d already eaten quite a lot. Can you tell?milkshake

Alex finished off his lunch with a gaudy milk drink. I settled for coffee.

If you are ever in Melbourne, and really hungry, track down Misty’s Diner! You’ll be glad you did.


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