Daily Post: Playlist of my week.

Because I misread the timetable, and waited 3 long, hot hours in Ballarat for the next bus…

Curmudgeonly is how I  (and nearly everyone else) feels after over a week of over 30c..(86 F and up)

Speaking of which, it feels like we live ‘Up On The Sun’

I turned 57 last week. What more can I say?

Although I did celebrate by seeing Dinosaur Jr the night before I waited forthat bus, and , pure joy, they played “Feel the Pain”

Well, who says you can’t teach an old person new tricks! Thanks Daily Post!


3 thoughts on “Daily Post: Playlist of my week.

  1. Very clever! Should I give you a pat on the head and a cookie, for learning a new trick? I still feel a little annoyed that I had no idea what curmudgeon meant when that’s what you named my poor bald guinea-piggle! Even if it was a rather apt name based on appearance, he was a very nice little boy!


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