Creativity III: Altered Postcard Books

booksAltered postcard books are a fun ongoing project, using up a lot of little bits of paper detritus and odd bits of time.Be Inspired

I collect postcards – mainly the free advertising kind, for an appealing image, or maybe for the text, or part of it, and I keep them together on my worktable .Amazing You

I also save stickers and labels, the ‘frames’ from postage stamps etc, and randomly add them to postcards – front and back – as the fancy takes me.Return love

Covering part of the message makes a new message. Maybe I add new words.Happy Teapot

Stickers can add to, embellish or obliterate images.Bread and Pop

Paint, stamps (rubber), markers, inks all add new layers of meaning, sometimes deep, sometimes frivolous.Touch

Once I’m satisfied with the alterations, I laminate the cards. This means that some additions only need a little double-sided tape to hold them, and ensures that nothing ever falls off!Laminator

I then punch a pair of holes on one short side, in order to bind with rings, or, sometimes, safety pins.bindingsTags, beads etc can be used to embellish the rings – this helps establish a ‘front’ page, apart from the decorative value.wire

One of the books (I’ve made at least eight, I find) was made to hold an interesting article about creativity from ‘The Age’

I cut it up and divided it between several postcards, adding extra pages to make a small book.selection

The one I’m putting together at present has the popular theme of “Happiness”.You deserve happiness


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