Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

amorous frogsThis weeks Photo challenge theme is “Kiss”.

There are many kinds of kiss, but for some reason I don’t seem to have taken pictures.

So I took my camera for walk in the house and garden.

Here are the kisses I found.

First the very romantic frog kiss.

feathers and kiss

Then the Dutch couple.

The cocky feathers make it look like a really good kiss!

improbable kiss

Then there’s a couple of flying pigs, in an unlikely , tail-curling kiss.

Chip and RattyIn the lounge room, on top of the TV unit,

Ratty from Ikea in Richmond and Chipmunk from Port Angeles in Washington State

enjoy a long and toothy kiss.

It’s been about one-and-a-half years now, and they still really like each other.

turtle kiss

Under the window in my studio, two tiny turtles sweetly kiss.

One Christmas, almost every cracker contained one of these, and I collected them all at the end of the day.

The rest of them are asleep in a box.turtle embrace

Back in the garden, two much bigger turtles embrace among the alyssum.

They’re not kissing, but you know they will, the minute you turn away.

I fell in love with this loving pair in a garden shop in town, and went back for them equipped with a granny trolley,

so that I could carry them for blocks without injuring myself.

In spring, the flowers around them grow so tall, they virtually disappear.

They probably kiss unseen all day in the spring!

Last of all, not a photo but a poem-

A Fig For Kisses

Packed with blind unfinished flowers

Bruised purple on the outside

Thickened and plump with promises

Figs invite invasion by my teeth and tongue.

Then with lips fig sappy sticky

I kiss you ah so sweet and tender

As the insides of the fig were sweet and tender

As your naked soul is sweet and tender

Though hidden in your bruised skin.



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