Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Mt William sunset

Here’s Mt William, the not-particularly-big mountain beyond the very small town where I live, and beyond the mountain, the crescent moon, far, far away.

Mt ShadwellHere is Mt Shadwell, the extremely-small-‘mountain’ beyond Mortlake. Those are mobile-phone towers on the top, so you can see how big it isn’t.

Mt HoodMt Hood, a real mountain, beyond Portland, Oregon. I took this photo from the beautiful Japanese garden during our trip-of-a-lifetime last year.Mt Rainier from Olympia

Beyond the lake, beyond Olympia, Washington, and beyond some sixty miles, Mt Rainier, another real mountain, looms into the sky.Hurricane Ridge from the ferry

Looking back toward Port Angeles, and beyond the town and the strait, the (real) mountains of the Olympic Peninsula dominate  the view from the ferry. You can probably tell which of these people have seen it over and over again and which are the tourists and travelers!


space needle by night

On the last night of our visit, I leaned out the hotel window just a little, to take this photo of the Space Needle, beyond the intervening buildings and streets. We had walked to the Seattle Center enough times to know the way, and one of these days, we plan to go beyond Australia’s shores once more and have another (better) look around the Pacific Northwest!

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