Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolution

When I read the title of this weeks challenge, I couldn’t imagine anything that would represent ‘Resolution’, even though the New Year has only just begun, and there is much talk of resolutions! I don’t really make them myself, possibly because I’m too lazy. But the prompt suggested a photo that represents a resolution one has made, or even succeeded with, and I thought I could do that, even though my ongoing resolution to ‘be more creative’ isn’t a “New Year’s” one.Dream

So I’ve taken photo’s of a few pages in an altered book I made with the title ‘Escape” and the theme of ‘a creative life’. I guess ‘art journal’ also describes this work.Don't forget

Most of the original text has been obliterated, and replaced with ‘notes to self’ and inspiring quotes, which I am resolved to remember, and to act upon..Camus quote.BlissPassion.

And there’s my favourite quote again.Choose Kindness.Craft Cafe.

I’m not sure if it’s a resolution or just a crazy dream, but I hope to combine a few of my passions in a craft cafe one day…will  you resolve to come and have a cuppa with me when I do?!