Post a Day : Quote Me.

What’s my favourite quote? I’m one of those people (I know I’m not the only one) who keeps notebooks just to write quotes in, ie, I collect them by the dozen. Which means that choosing one favourite is quite a challenge! Do I really have to restrict myself to only one? I don’t think so , after all, Rules are made to be broken (is that a quote, or just an old saw?)

I have pulled out a couple of notebooks that were handy to the computer, and here’s the first one I found-

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”

Albert Einstein.

I particularly like this one, because it’s quite comforting at times to think that what seems to be reality is actually an illusion. Every day when ‘The News’ comes on, generally.

Next in the pile is this one-

“I have no interest in leading people along with some little “here’s what this is about”. Let them discover things on their own – let them decide what they think it’s about. It’s better. There’s a line in Lost Highway, the David Lynch movie, where Bill Pullman says he doesn’t like video cameras because he likes to remember things his own way. I think that’s really important. Music is communication, art is communication. But how it communicates and what you get out of it is anybody’s guess. If you listen to something and it moves you, it doesn’t have to be explained. Why should it. Maybe it’ll ruin it.”

Buzz Osborne, of the Melvins.

And in the next notebook down-

“Most of the lyrics are just like contradictions, and I’ll write a few sincere lines and then I’ll have to make fun of it with another line like I couldn’t be bothered, you know. I don’t like to make things too obvious because if it is too obvious it gets really stale. I s’pose you shouldn’t be in peoples faces 100% all of the time. We don’t mean to be really cryptic or, you know, mysterious, but I …just think that lyrics that are different and kind of weird and spacey paint a nice picture, you know – it’s just the way I like art.”

Kurt Cobain.

I’ve got another one somewhere from William Blake that says something similar – that he wouldn’t explain what his art ‘meant’, because he felt the viewer needed to work it out for themselves.  I too like art- and music- to be at least ‘interesting,’ if not ‘mysterious’, and I  have no desire to have it explained at length,or, as William Blake said, “elucidated”.

And there’s this quote, which I return to frequently and am inspired by in my work (and my cooking – I’ll never be cordon bleu) –

“Punk rock should mean freedom, like in accepting everything that you like, playing whatever you want, as sloppy as you want, as long as it’s good, and has passion“.

Kurt Cobain

Of course  I don’t restrict my sloppiness to Punk Rock.

I may have used this quote in my blog before .

I may use it again..Play with passion


One thought on “Post a Day : Quote Me.

  1. I don’t write down quotes, I never have anything on hand, and I usually want to get on with reading whatever I’m reading. But I scratched down a page number on a bit of paper next to my bed. It’s from The Ground Beneath Her Feet.

    ‘What’s a “culture”? Look it up. “A group of micro-organisms grown in a nutrient substance under controlled conditions.” A squirm of germs on a slide is all, a laboratory experiment calling itself a society. Most of us wrigglers make do with life on that slide; we even agree to feel proud of that “culture.” Like slaves voting for slavery or brains for lobotomy, we kneel down before the god of all moronic micro-organisms and pray to be homogenized of killed or engineered; we promise to obey.’

    And the quote that gives the book its name, ‘I’ll be the ground beneath your feet and you, in this happy ending, will be all the earth I need.’ Nawww, so romantic.


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